donderdag 24 december 2009

have a wonderful christmas!!!

Still 19 hours to go.....and then the Top 2000 begins!!!! Yessss!!!! And this year Marit makes it more FUN to listen to this Top 2000... with the best songs ever, because.........

"In the “Top 2000 week” (December 25 - 31) I will make/publish onelayout every day, refering to a song from the Top 2000 that will bebroad casted on the radio that day! It can be a 12×12, an art journal page,an ATC or whatever I feel like making.
Everybody is invited to play along with me!
The list with songs, times and dates will be published in the papers andon the Internet on December 22nd. (I will put up the link on my blog)
Just e-mail me a photo of your work (in your mail, please name song title anddate/number in the top 2000 list) and I will publish it on my blog on the daythat song is playing, with your name and a link to your blog (if you like)
This is not only for Dutchies! If you want to play along, you’re very welcome!The songs can be heard from December 25th ’til 31st, in the Netherlands onradio 2 and (for internationals) on the Internet.
I’m looking forward to this “event” and hope you will play along!"
for more info... MaritScrapworld ................

........ I already made some lo's and I'll show you them when the Top 2000 begins.... or later, because I have to work both Christmas day's and in the evenings we visit our no time to blog and scrap for me the first day's.....

Wish you all a wonderful Christmas and when you can find time.... play along with Marit's-Top- 2000-scrap-week:):)

1 opmerking:

  1. Ja, ik speel zeker mee met de top 2000!
    Wat een leuke kaarten heb je gemaakt en prachtige sneeuwfoto's!
    Ik wens jou en je familie een geweldige kerst!!(ondanks het werk)Geniet ervan!


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