donderdag 25 februari 2010


Just a quick post today...........

After I cleaned the house today, did the laundry and went to the grocerystore... I deserved some time play in my scraproom:)....
I started with lesson #7 of Marit's workshop and I made this layout for the challenge of ScrapJacked .....

.....Guusje...she thinks she's the queen of the house....
I have used this picture before, It's my fave picture of Guusje and love to use it several times.

Eeks it's already late again... so I'm off to bed now..tired,tired.... The last day's/week I didn't had enough sleep, because of the OlympicGames(ice skating) on tv (it's night overhere when the game starts in Vancouver) and I can feel it now....can't go early to bed anymore and in the morning I can't come out of my warm bed:( Goodnight (or morning or evening) everybody!!!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. love the stitching! especially the stitched kitty face!

  2. Love it! The misting is so great with the stitching!

  3. wat een supergave lo! je kat is ook een scheet!

  4. Wat een leuke layout weer! Kan me voorstellen dat je die foto steeds opnieuw wil gebruiken - geeft toch ook niks?! En kon je weer niet uit je bed vanmorgen? Mijn pa kwam dan (heeeeel vroeger...) met een plantenspuit....!

  5. Awesome misting work Mirjam! I love the little details like the clouds and the arrow!

  6. Beautiful! I love the masking and your journaling. And that picture IS supercute!
    xxx Peggy


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